Individual Instruction

On Internet:

A to Z Protocol


The last way we are teaching the autism protocol at this point is via the internet. This is the weakest form of training but we have made it available for those who wish to learn the protocol and have no way to attend an actual workshop.


In order to take part in this type of training you need to have access to

  1. Team Viewer

  2. Paypal


Teaching the autism protocol via the internet consists of booking 2 hour sessions with Gail for instruction. During the first sessions you are linked to her computer as she teaches you about autism using the powerpoints and videos that are shared during the workshop. During the remaining sessions we follow the outline of the workshop and you are working on your scio/eductor/indigo while Gail is connected to your screen. 


Once we have completed the autism training we send you the file which contains all the instructions and forms needed for the course via e-mail.


The cost of the autism protocol via the internet is an initial $500.00 Canadian for the protocol itself and $100.00 per hour while teaching on the internet. These are invoiced through paypal.


You will receive a certificate for the number of hours that we have spent on the protocol, once we are finished, which you may use for CEOs.