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To date, we have been fortunate enough to provide training in 7 different countries around the globe.

Due to COVID-19 we are not currently booking in-person workshops however we do offer a variety of online training options.

For more information please see _____


MAR 2020 - Tampa, Florida

FEB 2020 - Mexico City, Mexico

FEB 2020 - Guadalajara, Mexico

MAY 2019 - Edmonton, Alberta

SEPT 2013 - Toronto, Ontario


FEB 2015 - Istanbul, Turkey

APR 2014 - Roosendaal, The Netherlands

FEB 2014 - Austin, Texas

MAR 2013 - Athens, Greece

MAR 2013 - Leesburg, Virginia


Tropical Leaves

Cathy Mishkin Bliss

I took Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie's class and was very impressed. I totally recommend it. For those not working in Autism, the idea and zapping protocol and how to check with the superconscious can be useful for chronic viral conditions.

Beautiful Landscape

Kelly Parrot

I HIGHLY recommend this class!

A ton of valuable information!

Didn't want the class to end!

Green Nature

Helen Sweeney

I took part in this workshop under Gail's tutelage. She is an excellent teacher, educator and a warm professional therapist devoted to her clients' well being and the healing of mankind."

Wooden Hut

Emily Poulou

Can't thank you enough for all you shared with us from your personal experience and not withholding anything.

I believe we were blessed to have you here with us and recommend to all, if a seminar with Gail Wylie is near you DO NOT MISS IT. She has so much knowledge and will to share that is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Above the Clouds

During these 5 days, I came to know a woman who has dedicated the last 20 years of her life in understanding and helping those on the autism spectrum. She is a walking library with an enormous amount of knowledge on this subject and beli...eve me, this 'protocol' is and was for me an eye-opener. And not only for those with autism ..... I can only but recommend this workshop and not only for those interested in the subject but there is a lot of interesting stuff to learn.

The Autism Clearing Protocol: "Clearing the core of Autism" is not an easy protocol. It is necessary to get to know it over the five days. I think Gail and Clay are a wonderful team to teach this very needed workshop. It is a privilege to have them both here. I was just thinking about how the protocol evolved over the years. There is a lot of work been done to have what we got. Thank you Gail and Clay for your diligent work. Thank you for being kind and efficient trainers.

Marleen Huysmans

Katharina Murdoch

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