Gail Gillingham Wylie, MSc

Gail Gillingham Wylie is a family therapist from Canada who has focused her energy understanding autism for the past 25 years. She is known throughout the world as a unique professional in this field for she is someone who truly listens to those on the spectrum. Gail has written 3 books on the topic Autism Handle with Care and Autism a New Understanding and Just So Happy as well as co-editing a 3rd Sharing our Wisdom. She bought her first Scio in 2005 with the intention of using it to reduce stress for those with autism.


The autism protocol was developed in 2008 after a 45 year old man, who had never been able to speak, started talking. Since then we have cleared over a hundred individuals with autism and run an autism clearing clinic every week through which we employ those with autism as biofeedback practitioners. However, with the dramatic increase in the numbers of children diagnosed with autism throughout the world, we realize we can’t do it all. With that in mind we offer this course to anyone who is interested.


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Clayton Wylie




Clayton Wylie first began to think about the reality of the energetic body while he was in his high school biology classes in the late sixties. Although he earns the majority of his income in construction,  he was delighted when we first were introduced to the SCIO and fully supported Gail's purchase of our first device in 2005. In time he bought his own and has also been trained as a therapist.


Clay is responsible for developing all of the paperwork for our courses and works as a second facilitator during the workshops. He spends his time in the background, ready to work on an individual basis, making sure our students are able to keep up and clearly understand the steps of the protocol.


Both Clay and Gail continue to educate themselves on the SCIO through workshops, conferences, and courses through the Quantum University and Immune.

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