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Gail Gillingham Wylie, MSc

Gail Gillingham Wylie is a family therapist from Canada who has focused her energy on understanding autism for the past 25 years. She is known throughout the world as a unique professional in this field for she is someone who truly listens to those on the spectrum. Gail has written 3 books on the topic Autism Handle with Care and Autism a New Understanding and Just So Happy as well as co-editing a 3rd Sharing our Wisdom. She bought her first Scio in 2005 with the intention of using it to reduce stress for those with autism.


The autism protocol was developed in 2008 after a 45-year-old man, who had never been able to speak, started talking. Since then we have cleared over a hundred individuals with autism and run an autism clearing clinic every week through which we employ those with autism as biofeedback practitioners. However, with the dramatic increase in the numbers of children diagnosed with autism throughout the world, we realize we can’t do it all. With that in mind, we offer this course to anyone who is interested.


Gail's books are available through


For more information on her work with autism go to

Clayton Wylie

Clayton Wylie first began to think about the reality of the energetic body while he was in his high school biology classes in the late sixties. Although he earns the majority of his income in construction,  he was delighted when we first were introduced to the SCIO and fully supported Gail's purchase of our first device in 2005. In time he bought his own and has also been trained as a therapist.


Clay is responsible for developing all of the paperwork for our courses and works as a second facilitator during the workshops. He spends his time in the background, ready to work on an individual basis, making sure our students are able to keep up and clearly understand the steps of the protocol.

Clay Wylie, through our company Sciopathy,  is now an official broker for Mandelay, the company that manufactures the Quest 9 Quantum Biofeedback Device.


Both Clay and Gail continue to educate themselves on the SCIO through workshops, conferences, and courses through the Quantum University and Immune.



Cathy Mishkin Bliss

I took Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie's class and was very impressed. I totally recommend it. For those not working in Autism, the idea and zapping protocol and how to check with the superconscious can be useful for chronic viral conditions.

Nancy K.

Gail, I loved your class. Learned a lot of new ways to treat. Hope you'll do another one!


Heide Richard

 Thank you Gail for all that wonderful information. It was awesome and I wish it hadn't ended. Until next time. I appareciate all that you have shared.  

Christiane Garczarek

 I sincerely cannot thank you enough for all your training Gail. I can tell you that I learned so much from you. THANK YOU!! I am forever grateful, & definitely need to re-listen to all your training videos. I loved your systematic & patient approach to navigating the system. Your experiences are invaluable & also enlightening. I have learned so much. I do look forward to your advanced sessions. I listened to all of your 3 free sessions on your website & took tons of notes. You have more than restored my faith in all the device can do. Thank you for sharing all you know.


Kelly Parrot

I HIGHLY recommend Gail's class!

 A ton of valuable information!

Didn't want the class to end!


Maggie Ristic

Thank you so much Gail, I’m so happy and proud to be part of this group, I learned a lot and that really helped my son and my husband. I will share in group what I have done in these 3 weeks and what I got as some great results


Throughout my years working with the SCIO, I have been taught by many of the Masters and I appreciated them all. However, after spending a week learning from Grail, I feel they had me in Primary School while she moved me on to High School. It's quite an experience!


Claudene Van Wyk

I have just completed a course with Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie and it was trully the best and most wonderful experience since i got my device many years ago!! - the step for step guidance is like non other ive come across. Ive read many a manual, courses and endless searching, thousands of hours of various group video's for knowledge, always feeling like im missing something - nothing has compared to this and i finally feel the search is over. I highly recommend Gail's course and teaching and guarantee you cannot go wrong.


 I feel the need to say thanks . Thank you because of your protocol . Thank God who chose you to show us the way to treat the children. I am grateful to you, my first twins one with Asperger's and the other with heightened sensitivity both start to speak after we finish the protocol before 4 months . We still on repeating our sessions and suddenly one day they came in my office and one of them, she asked me (I want biscuits) and the boy, he said

(hi,  am here ). They are 6 ......The parents cried from happiness.

Cara Hetcher

Thank you so much for the very valuable training Gail. I can't wait to start inverting the allergy to the new collagen I bought.

Cara Hetcher

I just spend 5 days in a workshop with Gail which renewed my passion for this wonderful, energetic healing device. What a great time! Thank you Gail for sharing! 


 Gail, I recieved your Manual. I had about 7 manuals & yours by far exceeds all of them! Thank you for your very detailed work! It is priceless.

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