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Following the Lead of the Scio

 She was a picture of professional success as she strode into my office. Tall, slim, impeccably dressed and manicured with a look of confidence that would defeat all odds: the kind of look I would like to achieve myself, one day. It didn’t take long to figure out that it was all a façade: worn to cover up the pain and the anguish she was feeling. She had been referred to me by another alternative health practitioner who used Hulda Clark’s parasite zapping device in her practice. Weeks of treatment hadn’t helped. She needed something else.


She described her symptoms in detail in hopes that we could find the answers she so wanted. She claimed that her main problem was an inability to digest anything she ate, which lead to pain, discomfort and bloating after every meal. She described a stomach that felt as hard as a rock most of the time. Regular medical professionals had no answers for her so she had moved on to alternative treatments. She claimed she was reaching a point of desperation. She couldn’t go on like this much longer.


The first thing I noticed when the test was complete was that anger was the main item on the matrix. I mentioned this to her and she told me she wasn’t worried about that. She wanted me to focus on her digestive problems. I complied.


She phoned a week later and asked for a second appointment. Although she couldn’t say that the session had solved her problems, there had been a slight improvement which gave her hope that the SCIO may be able to help in the long run. The session was much same as the one before. Anger came up all over the different screens on the scio, but when I mentioned it to her she shrugged it off and insisted that I focus on the digestive issues. Again, I complied.


She booked a third session before she left the office. The pattern of anger continued to show up during this session and we spent our time focusing on digestion. I was fully aware that this was going to take a long time at this rate, but it was her body and I was giving her full responsibility of it.


On her fourth visit, everything changed. She was angry as she strode into my office and plunked herself down in the therapy chair. “I’m ready,” she said. “Let’s work on anger.” She talked all through the calibration and the testing, sharing the story of her life which had culminated in her being one of the most respected business women in her field in our city. She had married a man in her early twenties who believed she needed to strive for money, for prestige and for social standing in the community. She became partners with another woman and together they built their company to the point that it was now the one that all the “in people” in the city relied on. However, as the years passed, my client had come to the realization that her partner was not an honest woman and that she was spending more and more of her time covering up the lies of the partner. It happened again this morning. She had reached a breaking point.


We spent the rest of the session working directly anger on the scio. While it was working, I shared the model of self that was developed by William James in the early part of the 20th century and is featured in my book In Search of Self and we worked on determining what her picture of self looked like. We talked about who she wanted to be as a child. She talked about going to University and getting her Bachelors of Music in hopes of being a music teacher. But when she shared this with her first husband, he mocked her, and told her she was worthy of so much more than that. The marriage hadn’t lasted long but the road she had taken, because of him, continued on. Her new husband was so different. She wanted to have children with him, but hadn’t had menses for many years. Maybe this would help that too. By the end of the session, she claimed she felt like a new person. She left the office clutching the paper with the diagram of her model of self in her hand.


I never saw her again but I did get a phone call about three months later. She thanked me for everything I had done for her. She told me that she had gone straight back to the office and told her partner she was quitting the company. She told her she was tired of the dishonesty and that there was no way she was ever going to cover up for her again. Then she told her husband she was going back to the world of music and he gave her his blessing. Her digestive issues all disappeared and her menses returned. She was phoning to let me know that she had just been at the doctors who had confirmed that she was pregnant. She thought I should be the first to know. 

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