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Client # 1 - subspace


The client is a man in his late fifties. He was out working in the yard and tripped and fell. His is experiencing extreme pain in his shoulder. A trip to the doctor revealed that he has damaged his rotator cuff. The prognosis is that it will take at least 6 months minimum to heal. The only solution offered by the doctor is to take medication to reduce the pain and to use the arm as little as possible until it heals.


The man phones for a session via subspace. He is hoping that the SCIO can help as he is not willing to live on pain medication. We put him on.


After we have done the initial therapies on the SCIO, following the lead of what comes up, we go to muscles on the spinal screen and click on that. The rotator muscle comes up. We work on it, only using what has already been checked on the page. By the end of the session the pain has been released. In three weeks his shoulder is back to normal, which totally shocks his doctor when he went in to the office to have it checked.


Client # 2 - harness


The client is actually the husband of the scio practitioner who was in the process of learning to run the scio himself. He awoke one morning with extreme pain in his back, which he describes as feeeling like someone had whacked him across the back with a board as hard as they could. He put himself on the scio.


The top red in the matrix was kidney stones. He spent the next hour working alternatively on kidney stones on auto focus zap and on pain. As he worked he describes the level of pain gradually decreased in what resembled a drumbeat - with each beat of the drum the pain dropped slightly until it was completely gone.


In the meantime the scio therapist was extremely concerned and ready to take her husband into emergency. He had turned completely grey in colour and sweat was pouring out of his body. However, she knew that if this was a kidney stone, the doctors would not be able to do much and would likely just tell her husband he would have to pass it. She placed towels all around him on the floor to catch the water as it falls.


Within an hour the pain was gone. The couple got ready to attend a function they had been invited to and headed out. However, shortly after arriving and settling into his seat, his pain returned. He went out into the car to wait it out, When he got home he went back on the scio and repeated the process he had done that morning. This time it cleared the pain for good. 


Client # 3 - harness


The client is a man in his eighties who has been taking SCIO sessions for other issues. He comes into the office for his regular session and immediately tells the therapist that he is experiencing a Shingles outbreak and is in extreme pain. She turns on the disease dictionary and runs him on the shingles program in the background as she completes his regular session. He walks out of the office pain free and does not have another Shingles outbreak.


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