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Gail visits the Mediterranean while on an in-home instruction workshop.

Individual Instruction

- In Home


We are also willing to teach you the A to Z Protocol on an individual basis in your own home or office if you wish. Again this service can take place anywhere in the world.


The cost of this service is $100.00 per working hour while with you plus all expenses which included transportation costs to your location, and living costs while there: lodging and meals. Am willing to share your home if you wish, and if this is feasible, but am also happy in a hotel.


Typically I teach for 6 hours a day for five full days, but am flexible and willing to adjust to suit your needs.


In home instruction includes the autism protocol file for your computer which contains all the instructions, forms you can print out in the future and powerpoints to share with your future clients.


You will receive a certificate of attendance for the number of hours we put in which may be used as CEO's.



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