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Lymes Disease

Lymes Disease: Case Study # 1


The headaches started when he was 6 years old. His parents began a quest for answers that continued on for years without resolution. He was subjected to one test after another as his doctors theorized various causes of the pain. Was it his heart? A deviated septum?  Nerves? The amalgam fillings in his mouth? Depression?  Sleep apnea?  Some of the tests came back negative. Others showed promise, but the treatments that followed only seemed to make things worse


By the time he was 15 years old, the sinus and neck pain became full blown. At that point he claimed it had always been there. The only difference was that he was now talking about it. He woke up with a headache every morning throughout his years in high school. He even celebrated graduation with a headache.


Throughout this journey, the parents began to doubt the medical system could help them and began to search for alternative answers. After graduating from high school, he joined in on this search, changing his eating habits, exercising regularly and gave up drinking alcohol and using drugs. This soon grew into an obsession to get healthy. He had all of the mercury laden fillings removed from his mouth and had them pull the teeth that couldn’t be saved without them. It didn’t help. He also broke all ties with his former friends, claiming that he didn’t feel comfortable in crowds. He became more and more isolated.


When he was 21 he had a sinus check and scan, which actually pinpointed the problem in a way, but was ignored. When the doctor put the scope in his right nostril to view the back sinus wall, he could find no issues. Then he tried again on the left side. As he pushed the instrument to get past the deviated septum, our client fainted for a few seconds. When he woke up he was totally disoriented and could not remember where he was. Later he claimed that it felt like he had a huge electric jolt that went back of his sinuses.  The doctor did not pay any attention to this reaction and when the CT scan came back normal, the doctor made the parents feel like they were wasting his time.


Things only got worse. Now he was experiencing a myriad of symptoms: shortness of breath, suddenly feeling like he was going to faint, chronic fatigue, no energy, headaches, migraines, light headedness, and sensitivity to cold. He claimed that he could feel his heartbeat and his lips would often turn blue. His social life came to a complete halt. He stopped using the phone, the internet and television, claiming they were unhealthy.


In spite of his medical issues, he kept on striving to make a life for himself. He completed a 4 year program as an apprentice and graduated with a journeyman technician certificate. After this graduation, he began to work in the family business with the goal of eventually taking it over and bought his own home.


By the time he was 22 things began to really fall apart. He began experiencing lack of concentration, short term memory loss, extreme mood swings, paranoia and an inability to function.  Angry outbursts resulted in holes in the doors and walls at home and at work. Paranoia took over as he accused his father of wire-tapping the business in order to track his every move, or hide his things so he could not find them.  His eating habits became more and more bizarre over time. He took up deer hunting and ate the meat raw. He bought fish from a local fisherman and ate it raw. He melted snow for his drinking water and began to eliminate foods from his diet to the point of becoming a total vegetarian. He became convinced that fasting would solve his problems and would go for days without food and water.  By March of 2015, his erratic behaviour had reached a point where he could no longer work. He was found lying in his home extremely weak, lighted headed to the point of almost fainting and slurring his words after fasting for days. The RCMP were called. They did a Form 10 and he was admitted to the local mental hospital. He was only 23 years old.


The phone call came from his mother. She had heard about the work I do with the SCIO from a friend of mine. By this point the research by the parents into alternative solutions had led them to consider the possibility that their son had lymes. They began to focus their energy on learning more about it and started talking with parents whose children were also having major medical problems and finding no help in the regular medical community. In time they paid to have tests completed through a lymes specialist. These tests confirmed that there was lymes present in the body as well as the bacteria borrelia. His mother asked me if the SCIO would be able to work on the lymes.


Now I want to make certain that you all understand that the SCIO does NOT cure anything. The Scio is a quantum biofeedback device that uses energetic frequencies to assess the current energetic state of the body and determine the blockages that are blocking the ability of the body to heal itself, as it was born to do.  Blockages may range from a variety of different factors: genetics, stress, toxicity, pathogens, excess or deficiency of nutrients, emotions, long term effects of trauma or injury, allergies, mental factors, perverse energy and so on. We can use the information from the assessment to send frequencies back into the body. These frequencies will allow the body to return to the state of healing itself. By removing the blockages, we decrease the amount of stress the body is experiencing and thus are called a stress reduction device.


So the question remains: can the SCIO work with lymes? Yes, it can, as pathogens are part of the blockages we work on. I replied to her question in the affirmative. However, there was more to this situation that we had to consider. First of all, he was locked up in a mental hospital and would not be able to come to us for treatments. We could solve this by working through subspace, but would the parents support such a plan?  Secondly, he was deep in delusion and may not agree to treatment. We do not work with adults without their consent. In this case, he had signed a document turning over all medical decisions over to his parents. This gave us the right to do the sessions. This document also protected him in the hospital, as no one was allowed to administer any form of medication without the parents signed consent.  Who knows how much more we would have had to work on, if that had happened? We began SCIO sessions via subspace on March 20, 2015 with a focus on lymes disease. The mother was pleased to discover that the test came up with the same information she had received from the lymes specialist. She booked sessions with us for every three days for the following weeks.


In the meantime the medical professionals were stumped by the case. Their first assumption, based on the paranoia, was that he was in the first stages of schizophrenia. They informed the parents this would be a life-long battle and that he would have to be medicated for the rest of his life. Since these doctors were not willing to listen to anything about lymes, the parents were not willing to accept this diagnosis or sign any agreement to administer any of the medications that were being offered. Further testing by other professionals was carried out. In time, the doctors concluded it was a psychotic break and were certain it would be a one-time event. The parents were finally persuaded to allow medication administered in the hopes of getting him to eat again.


We celebrated the first anniversary since his first SCIO session. He left the hospital and is back at work. The delusions surrounding food are all gone. He is eating again, and although he remains dedicated to the vegetarian diet and continues to prefer to eat one type of food at a time, he is taking the responsibility of monitoring his own food intake to ensure that he is providing himself with all of the nutrients his body needs. He has reconnected with his friends and family members and has willingly taken part in variety of different community activities he enjoyed in the past. He is back to using the phone, the internet and watching television with his parents. He continues to have weekly sessions on the SCIO to monitor his progress and his parents have recently bought their own scio device which they plan to use with him and the rest of their family in the future.


This is not to say that this has been an easy journey. Instead it is one that required complete dedication on the part of both the parents and the SCIO therapist. Many of the sessions that focused on clearing pathogens took hours to complete and were paid for at the hourly rate. Once he was involved in home visits we were on 24 hour call as he often went into violent rages without warning. His parents learned to quickly step back when these situations happened, allowing him to appear to work them out himself, while, at the same time, calling us and having us put him on the SCIO, at a moment’s notice, to relax his body and decrease the level of his extreme emotions. In many ways he seemed to self-sabotage as he chose to eat a single food which limited the nutrients he was receiving ( at one point only hazelnuts)  or that were indigestible through their lack of preparation (dried beans and lentils). One day he gave himself a severe case of food poisoning as he bought mushrooms and then ate them raw without bothering to wash them off.  As the weeks and months went by, these incidents became fewer and fewer. His parents watched him closely for any symptoms that might indicate that the lymes was recurring and phoned to alert us so we could work as quickly as we could. We arranged for another SCIO therapist to take over while we were on vacation to eliminate the possibility of regression. There were days when it seemed like we were fighting a losing battle, but it was definitely worth it.


So what did we find? During the first session we confirmed the presence of the lymes and other bacteria that the specialist in the States had indicated as the problem and began the process of clearing them. We also asked if he had pyroluria, a condition which often accompanies lymes. When you have pyroluria, all of the zinc and B vitamins are eliminated through your urine. This causes a major increase in stress level due to the lack of the B vitamins and a total lack of enzymes in the body as the body requires zinc for all of them. There are those who claim that the only cause of pyroluria is the presence of lymes, but we haven’t found that to be true. However, it is present in some of the lymes cases, as it was in this one.  We provided the nutrients he needed as well as all the enzymes using energetic frequencies until this situation resolved itself.


Further sessions indicated the presence of parasites in the body so we cleared them too, making sure to return to that task after the eggs in the body had hatched, either on the full moon, or the new moon. The pituitary came up as the most stressed organ, one session after another, and so we worked on rebuilding it using the stem cell stimulation program. Questions revealed that the lymes and parasites had taken up residence in the pituitary in its weakened state. This likely explains the reaction of his body in the Doctor’s office back when he was 21. The pituitary gland is located directly behind the sinus.  Once we got the pituitary working well, we moved on to healing the pineal and the liver and removing toxins from the body following the suggestions from the scio.


Throughout this process we kept a close check on the lymes. As a bacteria, it morphs into other forms: spirochetes, prions, and rickettsia, all of which are very difficult to eliminate from the body for good. When his delusions had faded and he was finally open to suggestions from others, he began taking colloidal silver on a daily basis to help clear the lymes permanently.  All of this work was done without a specific protocol, but by following closely what was coming up on the computer.  We also focused a lot of attention on building up the immune system and making sure the lymphatics were working well.


As time went on and the parents began to see their son emerging from the delusion, the mother began to share her story with others. The years of searching for answers on the internet had led to close connections with a number of families who were fighting the same battle as they were. Her first contact was devastating. As she told another mother that she thought she had found an answer, the mother broke down crying. Her son, who was also in his early twenties, had reached the end of his rope just a couple days before. Sick and tired of being sick and tired and not being provided with any hope or answers, he had committed suicide. It was too late for him. Sadly there are thousands more like him at the brink of despair.


We got a phone call just before his last session started. He had a headache and was terrified that the whole situation was going to repeat itself. There is no way he is ever going to allow himself to go into a mental ward again. Our investigation revealed the headache was due to the presence of mold in his environment. He had been raking leaves before it started. He could relax – this is something he can avoid.


As In all things in life, this story is not over.


Lymes Disease: Case Study 2


Another mother calls, desperate for answers. She has been referred to us by the mother in the first case study. Again we are facing a situation in which the medical community does not seem to have any viable answers and are appearing to make things worse. Do we think the SCIO can help?


The client is again a young man just starting out his adult life. His problems began in his early teens, when he developed eczema on his skin. Medical assessments led to the use of topical steroid creams, which cleared up the eczema. However, the eczema became an occurring problem, showing up every time this young man faced stressful circumstances. A pattern developed over the years. Stress and anxiety occurred. The eczema reappeared.  Steroid creams were administered. The eczema disappeared. But each time this happened, the amount of skin that was involved increased. At age 21, his whole body was covered in eczema, and he had realized that the steroid creams were not an effective long term solution, but instead likely the cause of the condition becoming more and more serious over time. The state of his skin had him hiding from the world because of its appearance as well as the pain he was experiencing and the urge to constantly itch himself. He needed other answers and no one was providing them. The desperation in his mother’s voice is very real. He has been threatening to commit suicide. He tells her he is sick and tired of being sick and tired and cannot face living the rest of his life like this.  


Several years ago, I was introduced to a group of mothers who were dealing with a condition called Red Skin Syndrome. There is a lot of controversy as to whether this syndrome exists or not, but for anyone is dealing with it, it is devastating. The following is a description of what it feels like by another young man who experienced it, Mike Cernovich:


It was 3 a.m. I smeared my bloody fingers onto my shirt and picked skin out from underneath my fingernails. “If this shit doesn’t end,” I said to myself, “I’m going to kill myself.”

Throughout childhood and into my teens, I struggled with mild eczema. I’d get the occasional red patch under my eyes or on my arms. For the most part it was manageable. I’d use additive-free soap, avoid wool, and had to quit training. I started using steroids.

Nope, not anabolic steroids. I started using what people call “topical steroids,” – more accurately, topical corticosteroids. As the name suggests, topical steroids use the hormone cortisol to reduce the inflammation of red, itchy skin. For years, these steroids were a godsend. I’d get a small patch of red skin under my eyes and on my eye lids. I’d apply some magic cream, and the redness would disappear. Magic.

Then something odd happened. My entire body started breaking out into eczema.

I would wake up clawing at my skin. The itch was so intense that no amount of will power could prevent it. My body would tremble when I didn’t itch.

I went to the best doctors in the country for a solution. They all said the same thing, “You have idiopathic full body spreading eczema.”

That didn’t make sense. Adults aren’t supposed to get eczema. Eczema is generally something that kids get and that you grow out of. Yet all of the doctors said the same thing, “Adults get eczema now. This is a lifelong condition. There is no cure. There is only treatment.”

One dermatologist told me that the pollen was causing my eczema. How, I asked, can pollen be causing my eczema when I’ve never had allergies? “No one knows,” was always the answer.

They all offered the same solution – more steroids and stronger steroids. My entire life soon revolved around my skin. I was paranoid about food allergens, dust mites, and irritating soaps. I tried green juicing and juice fasts. The skin that didn’t have eczema looked great. No remedy, however, cleared up the eczema. I’d shower, and quickly do what’s called “soak and seal.” That is, you soak your body in cool water and then seal in the moisture with an emollient or lotion. In my case, I used DermaSmoothe – a topical steroid combined with peanut oil. One doctor put me on a regime of prednisone. Soon I experienced night blindness and blurred vision, two of the many side effects of prednisone.

Then the steroids stopped working and my life was hell. I had no energy. Getting out of bed was a challenge. Training hard was basically impossible, as even a drop of sweat would cause my skin to burn like fire. My skin would burn and itch and break out into hives. The itch was so intense that I couldn’t fall asleep. I would claw at my skin until I was bleeding. One sleepless night I learned that I didn’t have eczema. I had Red Skin Syndrome.

(for more of Mike’s story – go to )


Red Skin Syndrome, also known as Topical Steroid Addiction (TSA) or Topical Steroid Withdrawal (TSW), is a debilitating condition that can arise from the use of topical steroids to treat a skin problem, such as eczema. RSS is characterized by red, itchy, burning skin that can appear after ceasing topical steroid treatments, or even between treatments. In RSS, topical steroids are effective for a period of time to treat the skin condition. As time passes, however, applying topical steroids results in less and less clearing. The original problem escalates as it spreads to other areas of the body. In the case of eczema, this “progression” is often mistaken for worsening eczema. RSS is an iatrogenic condition, which means it is a condition caused inadvertently by a medical treatment. (for more information on this topic go to  Note – the little girl pictured on the  ‘What is RSS’ page on the ITSAN website is my client and the changes she experienced were due to work on the scio).


I began work with this young man, fully armed with my experience from the past where I had found that exposure to herpes in the womb was the original cause of the eczema in the young girl I had treated. It didn’t take long to realize that I was on the wrong path as the SCIO led me in a totally different direction: back to Lymes and to a different bacteria: a bio warfare version of the bubonic plague.


The young man chose to continue using the steroids while we were working to ease the inflammation and make his pain bearable during the first few sessions, but he is now off them completely and has no intention of ever using them again. Again we booked our sessions 3 days apart, focusing our efforts on clearing the bubonic plague bacteria, and in turn the lymes, spirochetes, rickettsia and prions as well as working on his genetics as the leprosy miasm also came up as a cause of the eczema. When we asked if he had pyroluria, the answer was no, so we didn’t have to concern ourselves with that. Shingles appeared as a concern in the disease dictionary, so we followed through working on that. Again we hired another scio therapist to take over the treatments while we were travelling in order avoid regression. He began to take colloidal silver to help clear the bacteria for good.


Our first session was held on August 28, 2015. 2 and ½ months later his skin was cleared.He is no longer in pain He is back out in the world, starting a job he loves. Scio sessions continue on a weekly basis as well as close observation to the return of any symptoms so that we can respond as quickly as possible if another outbreak occurs.


The rash and itch receded from the body gradually. The last was settled around his left ankle and foot and the pain continued to make it difficult for him to walk. I asked if anything had ever happened to this foot in the past and discovered that he had had surgery on it when he was very young. It appears that the lymes and other bacteria settle into body tissue that has experienced trauma in the past. This gives us as therapist a perspective to work from on an individual basis as we can focus our attention on areas that experienced trauma in the past.


In December we moved from weekly sessions to bi-weekly. Today the decision was made to stop regular sessions. Our client reports that he is really happy, his job is good, he feels good and his band is doing well. His mother says "I thank you so much for helping me during a very difficult time, things were really bad for my son and my heart was breaking. You gave me hope to believe that he could be well again and for that I will be forever grateful." If and when the symptoms re appear he will return to the SCIO.


Lymes Disease: Case Study 3


February, 2014; a scio therapist has a problem. She has discovered at very painful spot on her upper right calf and is wondering if the scio can figure out what it is. It indicates the presence of the bartonella bacteria in the body and as we clear it from the body, she shares her story. In 2008 she was attempting to put her cat in the cat carrier to take her to the vet, when the cat bit her, right about the spot where the pain was. Her leg and foot swelled to more than twice their size. She had gone to emergency where they administered a tetanus vaccination and a two week course of intravenous antibiotics.  In time the swelling subsided but left her with an interesting situation in that the second toe on her right foot was paralyzed. She could not move it or feel anything that was applied to it. There was no reaction at all, even if she poked it with a pin or pushed her fingernail into it as far as it would go. Clearing the bartonella resolved this problem and returned the toe to both movement and feeling. It also eliminated the pain in the spot on her upper calf.


July 2015: her problems return. She claims that she has been becoming more and more exhausted over time. She decided she needed to boost her immune system and started taking a supplement called Immune 26. Everything in her right leg reacted. The painful spot on her upper calf reappeared. There was also extreme pain in her right knee and ankle. She can barely walk, and it was impossible for her to stand in one spot for any length of time without the right knee collapsing under her. Her ankle has also become a problem. It too collapses without warning and throbs with severe pain from time to time. This is the ankle she sprained in her mid thirties. She returns to the scio.

Again bartonella shows up, but this time it is not alone. We also find lymes, spirochetes, rickettsia and prions, in the same way we have found them in the previous two cases.  Weekly sessions focus on eliminating these bacteria and bringing the knee and ankle back to normal through the sports injury panel.  Further investigation reveals that the nerves, muscles, ligaments, tendons, cartilage, connective tissue and bone have all been damaged. Repetitive injury shows up in red every week. She reaches the point of realizing that she must stay off the knee as much as possible if it is ever going to be allowed to heal in spite of her need to do all the jobs she expects of herself. It is obvious that full healing cannot take place until the bacteria are cleared for good.


March 2016: The journey continues. The four pathogens we have been working on no longer show up during the SCIO sessions. Lysin (an antibody that destroys tissue) comes up as a goto number and we begin to work on it. Finally the knee is beginning to heal. Gradually she is being able to walk for longer and longer periods without pain.  She revels in the joy of walking normally again, even if it only for a short time and is looking forward to the day when she is fully mobile again.


Synopsis: These three cases reveal the variety of symptoms that one can experience when infected by lymes, as well as the problem of following a set protocol when working with it. The SCIO is the only tool I know of that can lead us to the specific blockage in each individual case. Consistency of treatment is also extremely important. Assuming that the lymes has been cleared permanently from the body, based on a lack of symptoms is a mistake that is being made by many. Often the bacteria go into hiding, ready to reappear during times of stress. It was a long and frustrating road we journeyed in all three cases and we often felt that it is never ending, but we proved that wrong. Lymes is becoming a bigger and bigger problem throughout the whole world. Thankfully, we do have the tool to deal with it.  



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