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Throughout this journey with the SCIO I find I am constantly being asked to share the 'protocol' for the work I am doing. I feel that I was extremely blessed when I was first introduced to this device that I was taught to follow the lead of the SCIO, rather than follow any step by step protocol. Even the autism protocol I developed is based on following the lead of the SCIO and ends up becoming a totally unique journey for every client who goes through it.


The other factor I rely on in my practice is giving full responsibility to my clients for their own body. I began this practice as a family therapist by refusing to take detailed notes on any session with my clients because I fully believed that it was their story, not mine. I continue this with the SCIO by listening carefully to the concerns of my clients and asking them where they want me to work in the midst of sharing what comes up on the SCIO screen with them. How can they take responsibility if I hide what I learn from them?


The main focus of our workshops are based on these two factors. We teach our students what to look for on the SCIO to see what the body is asking for and then continue by demonstrating all of the different ways one can follow the lead. We also demonstrate how to respect the wishes of the client and follow their lead as we hand over the responsibility of their journey to health to them. We have had incredible succes with so many by sticking to this path and we would so enjoy sharing our techniques with you.


Click on the buttons to read case studies about the different areas of concern we have worked with successfully over the years by following the lead of the scio. Be patient with us - just beginning to work on this in our free time.

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