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One Session 'Miracles'

Client #1:


A young woman comes into my office with her mother. She is wearing a pair of men's slippers on her feet, both of which are extremely swollen and painful. She tells me that she has no idea what may have caused this. She admitted she was camping in the mountains on the weekend, but didn't notice that she had been in contact with anything different while she was there. The swelling had started on Monday evening and was gradually getting worse and worse.


The mother went on to describe how they had gone to emergency for help. The doctors, who examined her, had no explanation what may be causing the swelling of her feet. They offered to give her a dose of antibiotics in hopes it might help, but she was reluctant to take any medication when they couldn't tell her what exactly they were giving it for. As they were driving home,  the mother remembered that I had been telling her about the SCIO. They decided to give it a try.


This was early in my experience on the SCIO and I must admit that I wasn't sure what I was doing, but did what I had been taught, paying close attention to what was coming up on the screen and asking the client it this made sense to her. An example was TMJ - as it appeared in several places. My client said that this was the turning point for her. She had had a problem with grinding her teeth all her life, and the fact that it came up on the SCIO without her telling me was enough for her to trust the process.


Since we didn't know what was causing the inflammation, I turned to the solutions page for help and filled out the questionaire, using her words. Then I followed through by doing each of the suggested therapies that came up, one by one. By the end of these treatments, her feet had returned to their natural size and shape and the pain was gone.  She has not had this problem again.


We never did figure out exactly what caused the inflammation. We assume she may have been bitten by some kind of insect while out camping, but can't know that for certain. Does it matter? I don't think so. The blockage is gone.


Client #2:


The client is a woman in her late seventies. She has had a severe pain in her right shoulder and arm for the past two years. She has gone to the doctors repeatedly for this concern. Each time, they reccomended another medication, but none of them seem to make any difference. By the time she comes to see me she cannot lift her right hand above her waist without extreme pain. As she is right handed, she has been coping by using her left hand to raise up her right one to do the tasks she has to do. She is tired of living in pain.


We put her on the scio and follow the steps that I have been taught. A major one is the due diligence of doing the short sarcodes at the beginning of every session. I chose to work on the shoulder on short sarcodes and carefully work my way around the shoulder, piece by piece, instead of doing it all at once. When I am finished this process and have rectified the whole shoulder to 100, she excitedly exclaims that the pain is gone. She raises her arm up slowly and carefully: finally reaching it's full extent above her head and waves her hand. No pain at all.


We complete the rest of the steps of the session and take her off the SCIO. She continues to lift her arm and wave as we do this, celebrating the freedom to move without pain. This problem has not recurred since.


Client #3:


The client is the mother of a child with autism. She requests a session on the SCIO to see what it feels like before she has her child treated. I agree.


This session was done through subspace. The mother chooses to lie in her bed during the session to be as relaxed as possible.


One of the features of the SCIO I use a lot is the unconscious choice on the disease dictionary. I also make a habit of checking out to see if there is a mental cause and affirmation connected to whatever choice comes up as the unconscious choice. I don't remember clearly the disease that came up that day but the mental cause struck me to the core: It read "the child is unwanted". I assumed that this was referrng to her autistic child and the tears ran down my face as I pushed the buttons, wondering how was I going to be able to 

tell her this, once the session was over. I completed the session and waited for her phone call.


Her first words were jarring. "What on earth did you do to me? I lay down on the bed and fell asleep and when I woke up I feel like a totally different person." I took a deep breath and began to tell her about how "the child is unwanted" had come up as a mental factor and I had worked on that. She started crying "I was put up for adoption at birth. I have never felt like I was wanted"


This clients life has changed dramatically since that session. She has connected with her birth mother and they have formed a loving and supportive relationship over the years. She is working hard on accepting the fact that the most important love there is, is self-love, and how to recognize her tendencies to self-sabatoge in times of stress using the excuse she is unwanted. And yes - she did buy her own SCIO.


Client #4:


The client is another mother of an autistic child. She, too, asked to have a session herself, before I worked with her son. 


One of the suggestions that came up as we worked through the session was to balance the hormones. I asked her if she wanted to do that, and she said "Yes. Maybe that's why I haven't been able to get pregnant." She went on to explain that she and her husband had been trying to get pregnant for over a year and nothing was happening. It was very frustrating to them as they wanted their children to be close in age and their first child was getting older as the days and months went by. 


3 weeks later, without any other type of treatment or SCIO sessions, she was pregnant and now has another beautiful son.

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