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Information - a collection of articles written  over the years

The story about measles in the gut that big Pharma does not want you to know about:

Dr. Andrew Wakefield was a bowel specialist who worked at the Royal Free Hospital in London. One of the things he had noticed in his work, as a bowel specialist, was that there were no recorded cases of Chrons disease in children up until the 1970’s and that now, as a doctor, he was seeing thousands of them. This was a puzzle he couldn’t ignore and so started focusing his efforts on trying to figure out what had happened at that time which may cause this sudden increase in a disease. He ended up looking at the MMR (mumps, measles and rubella vaccination) as it had been introduced to the world in 1970. In time he wrote a paper as a medical hypothesis which suggested that the MMR may have caused this increase in Chrons disease in children with a suggestion that this matter be investigated further. I personally met Dr. Wakefield at a conference in England in 1997, where he shared his story to date with us. 


One of the groups of people who paid attention to this paper was parents of children with autism. They began arriving at his office asking for help and claiming that their child had regressed into the world of autism shortly after receiving the MMR.

This, caught my attention, as over the years I had watched videos of autistic children in their homes. Children who were completely normal, talking and interacting happily with their families and then suddenly - gone. The parents I had been with hadn’t connected their child’s regression with vaccinations at the time, but this might be why. Most of the videos I had seen were of the child’s first birthday party. In Canada, the first MMR is given at 12 months. It fit what I had experienced.

Dr. Wakefield continued on to tell us that he attempted to send these parents away. After all he knew nothing about autism. He was a bowel specialist. But they were persistent and kept coming. In time he realized that, as a Doctor, he had to listen to their concerns and designed a very rigorous research study with 12 individuals who had regressed after receiving the MMR and who were demonstrating symptoms of bowel problems. This research involved doing a biopsy on the large intestine. He found evidence of the presence of the measles virus and inflammation (enterocolitis) in all 12 of these subjects.

Now, if you know anything at all about scientific research, you know the importance of significance of results. The closer one gets to 100%, the more significant the study is considered to be. However, 100% is rarely achieved and so a significant rate of 95% - 99% is considered scientifically acceptable. Psychology, and other imprecise sciences tend to accept the 95% benchmark, due to the variety of unknown variables influencing results, while physical sciences, with more accurate systems of measurement, usually demand the higher level of significance.

The MMR contains 3 different live viruses: mumps, measles and rubella. Dr. Wakefield suggested that the immune system of these children was not strong enough to kill all three viruses at once, leaving the measles virus alive. It took up residence in the large intestine where it caused enterocolitis. He never suggested it caused autism. He also suggested a simple solution: split the MMR and give it in three separate vaccinations, spread apart so that the child’s immune system could do the job it is meant to do. 

Dr. Wakefield’s study was published in The Lancet in 1998 and I began to notice a sudden shift in the amount of space that autism received in the press. I had spent ten years, by this time, collecting everything I could on autism, checking out every article I could get my hands on, and reading every word. It wasn’t difficult because there wasn’t much out there. On a rare occasion such as during “Autism Month” which is October in Canada, there would major features on the topic, and occasionally throughout the year, a story highlighting some sort research would appear but these were few and far between. Now things were different. Every week there was mention of autism in our daily paper, at least once, and often more than once. All of these stories featured the line that Dr. Wakefield claimed that autism was caused by MMR and then went on to claim that this, that or the other proved that it didn’t. I read these stories with a great deal of confusion.  Why were there so many of them? Why was the media paying so much attention to this? I had heard Dr. Wakefield speak and he hadn’t claimed that the MMR caused autism He suggested it caused enterocolitis. I had a copy of the original study from the Lancet and none of what they were saying about this research was in it. Why were they not getting the story straight?

Because of this confusion I began to collect copies of all the research that came out following the original Lancet paper that claimed to refute Dr. Wakefield’s work. Be aware that to be considered valid and reliable, one can only refute a study by replicating the original study and coming up with different results. None of the papers that the media was claiming proved that the MMR did not cause autism did this, and in my mind that never had been the question anyway. The question was whether the MMR caused enterocolitis in some children, not autism. If it did, should we not be focusing our attention on the pain that these specific children were experiencing and find ways to relieve it? Should we not be concentrating our attention on what was different about the children who regressed after getting the MMR so that we make sure that it doesn’t happen to any more of them? But no, instead of following the logical path in my mind we were spending millions and millions of dollars claiming to prove that the MMR doesn’t cause autism.

In the meantime, there were also several studies conducted in different parts of the world that replicated the original study and found the same results that Dr. Wakefield and his team found at the Royal Free Hospital in London. One of these studies was conducted in Japan. It took the research a step further and determined that the virus in the intestines was the virus used in vaccines, not the wild virus by measuring the DNA/RNA.  The officials in Japan made the decision to stop using the combined vaccination.

However, the choices made in England were very different. The researchers who had replicated Wakefield’s study were threatened with the loss of their jobs, their licenses as doctors and their reputations. One by one these studies were retracted by the authors, leading to claims in the media that it had all been a major scam. Dr. Wakefield went through an inquiry by the British General Medical Council and was struck from the UK Medical register and barred to practice medicine in England. A fellow participant in the research, Dr. John Walker-Smith, a co-author in the initial study, refused to retract his part in the paper and was also charged but, in time, exonerated by the medical review board.  The Lancet retracted the original study they had published, claiming that they had been misled by the authors and thereby, erasing any chance of you having the freedom to read it.  

I continued to follow this story throughout the years, and continued to be confused by what was going on until 2011 when the scandals involving Rupert Murdoch broke out into the open. He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of global media holding company News Corporation, the world's second-largest media conglomerate and its successors News Corp and 21st Century Fox which means that he controls much of the information that is passed on to us through the media. What many do not know is that he is also on the board of Glaxo Kline, the manufacturers of the MMR in the United Kingdom. Suddenly everything made sense. The stories that we read about the MMR not causing autism have absolutely nothing to do with the ‘facts’ or anything that can be considered even remotely scientific. Instead they are being fed to us by a company that is only concerned about protecting their profit margin. What a shameful world we live in. Be assured, though that the research continues and more and more data is being collected that not only supports Dr. Wakefield's orginal study, but also opens the door to further concerns. It is interesting to note that we are NOT seeing any of this in the media. However, you can't keep truth hidden for long.

Throughout my years with the scio I have worked with several children and adults with autism who experienced enterocolitis and had measles living in their intestines. I also have worked with many autistic clients who DO NOT have this problem. It is not autism but it can be found co-morbid with autism. I have also worked with many clients who do not have autism – but come to me because they have colitis. And yes, they, too, have the measles virus living in their intestinal system.  I am so thankful I have the tool to clear it for them. 


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