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Individual Instruction via the internet:

how to follow the lead of the device.

  • For anyone who wishes to know more about working with the SCIO, from beginners to however long you have worked.

  • Although the main focus of our work is how to follow the lead of the SCIO to make one's sessions more powerful, we also share what we have experienced over the twelve years we have been working with clients of all kinds.

  • Flexible timing  - you choose how long and how often the sessions are held.

  • We use zoom or teamviewer to connect with your computer and work with directly with you through a sessions providing hands on experience with your clients.

  • Written instructions and forms are also provided so that you can practice on your own.

  • Cost: $100.00 per hour. Invoiced through paypal.

For more information contact  us at

or phone

1 780 651 0946

Example of different areas of concern we can teach you:


  • Following the lead of the scio to determine what the body is asking for.

  • Dealing with auto immune conditions effectively.

  • Working with genetic blockages.

  • Clearing emotional trauma from the past.

  • Finding the blockage that is the cause of the symptoms.

  • What to do when you are completely stuck.

  • Working with cancer.

  • How to help your client develop self-awareness.

  • Respecting and clearing spiritual oppression.

  • Dealing with issues from the past.

  • Connection to self and/or connection to others.

  • Changing the unconscious patterns of thought.

  • Working effectively with the disease dictionary.

  • When and how to do stem cell stimulation.

  • and much more........

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