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A to Z Protocol Workshop

Creating real change in real lives............

A Scio/Indigo protocol designed to clear the blockages that cause autism, freeing the individual to reach their full potential.

The Story

In 2005 Gail Gillingham Wylie was introduced to the SCIO as a stress reduction device. She immediately recognized it as a valuable tool for reducing the anxiety levels for her clients on the autism spectrum. Over time she realized excellent results in stress reduction with her clients but didn't see a major shift in the core problems of autism: the impairment in communication and impairment in social interaction.

This all changed in 2008 when a 45 year old non verbal man walked into his kitchen on Valentine's Day and said "I love you Mom". It took over a year to develop the protocol after that experience. Since then we have used it successively with over a hundred individuals on the autsim spectrum, both children and adults,  as well as sharing it with other practitioners through Autism Protocol Workshops.

Throughout the years of working with this protocol and with clients who do not have autism, we realized that it can be used for any so called 'auto-immune' disorder. We changed the name and now offer it as the A - Z protocol. 

The Workshop

The A - Z  Protocol Workshop is a combination of:

  • gaining an understanding of what autism and auto immune disorders actually  are based on twenty five years of working directly with this community,

  • learning how to follow the lead of the SCIO/Indigo with one's clients before and after you do the actual protocol.

  • a step by step protocol which allows you to clear the core causes of the auto-immune condition from the body.

  • ​ instructions on how you can modify the protocol to work with other conditions you might face with clients who are not on the autism spectrum.

  • detailed handouts which are shared via flash drive so that you always have access to what you learned.

  • is now available as one on one training in our office in Edmonton, one to one training in your home, one to one training via the internet or as a 5 day workshop on location anywhere in the world

The Cost


  • We charge $100.00 Canadian per day for each participant which works out to $500.00 USD/CAD for the full workshop and 80.00 € per day or 400.00 € for those workshops held in Europe (depending on the exchange level at the time). This includes the cost of 2 facilitators and handouts. 

  • ​Registration and payment are to be made in advance.

  •  Payment is made through paypal.

  •  We are willing to make other arrangments for payment if you prefer not to use paypal. Contact us at  

  • Feel free to invite potential clients to join us for the first day of the workshop so they can learn what this is all about.

​Interested in arranging a workshop in your area?
  • We need a minimum of 12 participants for 1 facilitator and 15 for 2. No maximum limit.
  • The person who helps us organize for their region gets the workshop for free.
  • Bonuses will be available for larger number of participants.
  • Contact us at to make arrangements



“Gail is a very kind, gentle, patient and knowledgeable teacher.” Katharina Murdoch

"I can't believe how much I have learned in one day. You should have a least 200 practitioners in this room." Charlene Reves.

"This is the best training on the SCIO that I have had since I started on this journey." Filomena Trificante

- see more on completed projects

The Relevance of this Workshop:

New Research using brain imaging with individuals with autism supports the premise behind this autism protocol:

Government actions via the court system supports the premise behind this autism protocol:

The reality of the vaccine industry exposed: supports the premise that this protocol is not only useful for autism but for all auto immune conditions in the body:

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