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Beginners Basic Course

Thank you Gail for the all that wondeful information. It was awesome and I wish it hadn't ended. Until the next time. I appreciate all that you have shared. Heide Richard

Thank you so much Gail, I’m so happy and proud to be part of this group, I learned a lot and that really helped my son and my husband. I will share in group what I have done in these 3 weeks and what I got as some great results

Maggie Ristic

Gail I loved your class. Learned a lot of new ways to treat. Hoping you will do another one!

Nancy K

Thank you so much for the very valuable training Gail. I can't wait to start inverting the allergy to the new collagen I bought .

Cara Hetcher

Gail. Thank you for the info packed course!! Was/is (have to re watch it all) so great to learn!! Wish it wasn't over already. ... just had a look on your website where to leave a review but cannot find the place?  Claudene Van Wyk


I sincerely cannot thank you enough for all your training Gail. I went to 3 Budapest conferences in 2012, 2013, 2014 & honestly I can tell you that I learned more from you than I had at the conferences. And 1 more thing - I did work at a clinic here in Toronto for 4 years - volunteered just to learn the SCIO. Honestly in your training I learned more than in the 4 years that I volunteered at. THANK YOU!!

I am forever grateful, & definitely need to re-listen to al the videos. Your experiences are invaluable & also enlightening. I have learned so much. What is also so interesting is what you shared about the way the initial programs did re-Prof Nelson, & also what Levi taught. I do look forward to your advanced sessions. I had listened to all of your Youtube videos as well & took tons of notes, as well as the 3 free sessions on your website. THANK YOU for sharing all you know.

Christiane Garczarek


Gail, I received your Manual. I had about 7 manuals & yours by far exceeds all of them! Thank you for all your very detailed work! It is priceless.

Autism Protocol Workshop

I HIGHLY recommend this class! A ton of valuable information! Didn't want the class to end! 

                                              Kelly Parrot

 I took Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie's class and was very impressed. I totally recomend it. For those not working in Autism the idea and zapping protocol and how to check with the superconscious can be useful for any chronic viral conditions.

                                              Cathy Mishkin Bliss

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