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Autism Protocol Workshop

ROOSENDAAL, The Netherlands


Our Students write.......


​A tribute to Gail Gillingham's autism protocol. Two weeks ago I attended Gail Gillingham's 5-day workshop in the Netherlands. The main reason, of course, is because I wanted to know this 'protocol' to help out future clients coping with this. But during these 5 days I came to know a woman who has dedicated the last 20 years of her life in understanding and helping those on the autism spectrum. She is a walking library with an enormous amount of knowledge on this subject and beli...eve me, this 'protocol' is and was for me an 'eye-opener. And not only for those with autism ..... I can only but recommend this workshop and not only for those interested in the subject but there is a lot of interesting stuff to learn. The full 5 day workshop was needed, it is impossible for Gail to do this in 2 or 3 days. Her husband Clayton was also a enormous help to those in the classroom.
Marleen Huysmans, April 18, 2014
Katharina Murdoch
April 19, 2014,  Zug, Switzerland

I too can say to Gail what an amazing workshop we had in Roosendaal, Netherlands. I learnt so much in these 5-day Autism Workshop that now I put into practise at home.


I have just cleared another 10 viruses and was very proud that I practically learnt to apply the protocol and done it. I still have to do more viruses however I know now that I can do the protocol and I understand it. There is the odd question I have and the good news is I can always ask Gail and get the answer needed. She is willing to share and share. For me that is not a given, that is generosity. Thank you.


The Austism Clearning Protocol: "Clearing the core of Autism" is not an easy protocol. It is necessary to get to know it over the five days. In a group we all have to be able to follow and apply what SCIO brings up in various therapies. This varies from person to person.


Clay is the most wonderful help to make sure we all can keep up. He is willing to help each one if help was needed.


I think Gail and Clay are a wonderful team to teach this very needed workshop. It is a privilege to have both there. Meaning Gail can concentrate to teach and Clay is helping out to follow the steps Gail teaches.


One thing that strikes me again and again is, these two people do this with a generous heart and in depth knowledge of the subject matter.


I was just thinking how the protocol evolved through the years. There is a lot of work been done to have what we got. Thank you Gail and Clay for your diligent work. Thank you for being kind and efficient trainers. Thank you.

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