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Quantum Biofeedback Training

Following the Lead of the SCIO Manual


We are now offering online individual training for SCIO practitioners.


Sessions for beginners, or anyone who wants to learn how to follow the lead of the SCIO now available - $100.00 an hour.

Access to Teamviewer

and Paypal required.




A to Z Protocol Workshops: Schedule

Day 1: What is Auto-Immune? Families with children and other professionals in the community are also welcome to attend.

Day 2: Working with the client who has an auto-immune condirion.

Day 3: The A to Z Protocol

Day 4: The A to Z Protocol

Day 5: The Auto-immune condition is cleared - now what?

Days 2- through 5: working directly on the Eductor/SCIO/Indigo


Lincoln Grigsby comments on what it felt like after he went through the autism clearing. Was completely nonverbal up until age 45. He began speaking after sessions on the SCIO.

It was like the  Berlin Wall collapsing. I felt free, I could organize my mind, and  plan life strategies. She should write a book.".



"I just spent 5 days in a workshop with Gail Iris Gillingham Wylie which renewed my passion for this wonderful energetic healing device. What a great time! Thank you, Gail for sharing!" 

Kelly P



 ....I feel the need to say thanks . Thank you because of your protocol . Thank God who chose you to show us the way to treat the children . Am grateful to you , my first twins one with asperger's and the other with heightened sensitivity both start to speak after we finish the protocol before 4 months . We still on repeating our sessions and suddenly one day they came in my office and one of them she asked me ( i want biscuits ) and the boys he said ( hi am here ). They are 6 ......the parents cried from happiness ....... YP

Throughout my years working with the SCIO, I have been taught by many of the Masters and I appreciated them all. However, after spending a week learning from Gail, I feel they had me in Primary School while she moved me on to High School. It's quite an experience!                                               TM