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Autism Protocol Workshop

Athens, Greece  Completed!

Golden Age Hotel
57, Michalakopoulou Street
Athens, Greece
March 16th through March 20, 2013
9 AM - 4 PM daily, with an hour break for lunch each day.
March 17th through 20: bring your Scios/Indigos for a hands on learning experience.
Cost of full five workshop:  400 €.




Dear Gail

I would like to share my testimonial with you and to whomever it might concern.

Last year we had Adam's seminar in Athens in December, and there was the first time I heard you name and what you do with autistic people. Suddenly, something inside told me I should meet you in person. My intuition never failed me up till now, so the first time I heard about your attendance in CAM congress, I though that it would be great to contact you and ask you if you would like to come to Athens and teach us about your amazing work.

Thank God, you responded almost immediately and we arranged for you to come here mid March for the seminar.

We were amazed with you knowledge and expertise of over 25 years in the field of autism, and you did share everything with the group. Every day, for 5 days, morning till afternoon and I can assure people that is not enough!!! We clearly understand how different people with autism are and how talented they are in their own way. We also figured out how most of us people are treating this special group of people with ignorance.

You shared with us wonderful information that you have gathered through the years of practicing with the SCIO and the amazing results that you have had, and I can speak from most of us, you touched us in our heart and in our brain. You moved us!

We learned so much with your seminar, first about the Autism Clearing Protocol that you teach so thoroughly and also about the use that we have of it with all people who are interested to "break the wall" and pass on the other side of a happy and healthy life. We also learned about the amazing results one can have with the HCG diet and how the Clasp 23 can help us with the results that we aim for. And most amazing of all, we learned in detail how to find out what the subconscious mine needs to be done and do it.

Can't thank you enough for all the you shared with us from your personal experience and not withholding anything.

I believe we were blessed to have you here with us and recommend to all, if a seminar with Gail Wylie is near you DO NOT MISS IT. She has so much knowledge and will to share that is absolutely AMAZING!!!

Hope to see you again next year in Athens for a further seminar.

Sending you all love and light from Athens

Emily Poulou

Quantum Feedback specialist

We have booked our venue!!

Golden Age Hotel

57, Michalakopoulou Street

115 28 Athens, Greece

​Tel:  +30(210)7240861-9

Fax: +30(210)7213965

Special rate for rooms

65 Euro per night for single with breakfast

75 Euro per night for double ith breakfast

Please note you are attending the Autism Protocol Workshop for SCO/Indigo when registering to get these rates. They are NET and include VAT.

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